We're back! Navigating lock down, mental wellness and staying grounded.

Stef Wood


Things are super challenging right now and if you are feeling all out of sorts, lost, confused and overwhelmed you are not alone. As we settle into winter and face increasing numbers, business closures and uncertainty, we have a few tips to help make the best of our situation. During this time, uneasiness can creep in so mental illness and substance abuse can be a challenging aspect of not only trying to stay physically healthy, but mentally health as well. Please see below for mental health resources.

Here are some ways to use the lockdown to your advantage:

* Hobbies - learn a skill, create, start a business.

* Learn to meditate - see below for resources.

* Try to limit time watching the news and engaging in negativity or social media drama.

* Move your body - as intensely as you want. Walk, dance, run, or find a workout video on Youtube.

* Watch documentaries on subjects you are passionate about.

* Craft

* Make a gift for a friend.

* Re-arrange or update your space. We are spending a lot of time at home so make your environment a place that you love.

* Send snail mail.

* Make a point to like, comment, or share a small business post.

* Share social media posts of humans doing good.

* Make a card, letter, or gift for someone in a retirement home.

* Be in service to others through volunteer or good deeds, it helps to lift depression and helps to re-set the spirit. I recently found $15.00 on the floor of a drug store so I took it to a coffee shop drive through and paid for the next few cars after me. It helped me feel centred and happy.

* Don't feel bad about indulging. Self care is about moderation but if you need some delicious food, a Netflix binge or whatever it may be, allow this. We are going through a really difficult time so be kind to yourself and be permissive.

Meditation will help you learn how to breath and navigate difficult emotions. There are so many different kinds. If you have tried meditation and your head spins, try a guided meditation, walking meditation, breathing meditation ...the list goes on. Do a simple Youtube search and find which style works for you. Remember it takes practice. Don't judge yourself if your meditation is a bit messy or frustrating let it be what it is and start small. If you are new, 5 minutes a day can prevent you from becoming overwhelmed.

Meditation for beginners


Meditation with a monk


Mindful breathing


Make sure to check in with friends and family especial those who live alone, the elderly or have had challenges with mental health. Take signs and symptoms seriously of those of who come to you for support. Please remember if you really are not feeling yourself, reach out to someone for assistance. A family member, friend, doctor or mental health professional.

Here are some mental health resources:

Mind Beacon


Mental Health Toronto


Mental Health Durham


That's all for now! Stay healthy and stay safe!

Stef Wood

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