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Hello and welcome to my blog!

First of all let me introduce myself....

Hi! My name is Stef Wood. I am a certified yoga/meditation teacher and wellness coach.  I build from the fact that everyone is perfect in their own unique way, but sometimes, we are coming from a space that is not so perfect. Sometimes we are stuck in a space where we can’t show up as the best versions of ourselves. This is where I come in. 
So, just a bit of a backstory in how this whole idea came to fruition. One day, I was approached by a gentleman from Grand Solutions Consulting Inc. His time management, persistence, drive, and overall professional manner, made him incredibly easy to work with. We decided to collaborate. Little did I know that through his expertise, this would turn into something more than I dreamed of. Through his inventive and clever ingenuity, and creative passion for this type of work, my website was reinvented and this blog was born. So much gratitude to Dave for creating this platform that allows me to spread the message of health wellness from a holistic perspective. It gives me a platform where I can align my passions and be in service to others. The learning curve of how to update and post, was made so easy with his user friendly, and comprehensive programs. It is a pleasure to work with someone who comes from a place of passion and has a genuinely good nature.
So let me tell you a bit about why this blog is important. Wellness, in scope, is so broad. In this blog, we will be covering many aspects of wellness including our relationships, mental health, and transforming into the best version of ourselves! Please keep in mind that many of the topics that I cover are backed by science however, what works for some individuals, may not be the ticket for others. Always use your judgement and intuition. 
I created this blog to allow for the awareness of health and wellness to be viewed from a holistic perspective. What does this even mean?! Holistic health takes many shapes and forms. Instead of viewing health in just a medical sense, we take a look at the whole picture. We look at spirituality and how that intermingles with our relationships, and the sense of community around us. It involves being kind to ourselves, and asking what our authentic self needs. It is about getting quiet and learning to ride the waves of life. In doing this, we find a deep sense of understanding and meaning in our daily lives and routine. We may be well physically, but mentally or spiritually we have work to do and this often forgotten about in a western model of wellness. A key component is to make sure that every aspect of our well being is taken care of. That is a holistic look at wellness. There will be weekly posts based on this model but wait there is more! The thing I am most excited to introduce are guest bloggers. Individuals who are highly regarded in their professions and communities will have an opportunity to explain who they are, and why their contribution to the wellness realm is crucial. I look forward to featuring these individuals as we move through our journey together.
So, as you read on, we will cover a variety of topics every week including, mental health, physical health, spirituality and of course, guest bloggers! Check back weekly to explore a wide variety of exciting new tips, information, and upcoming events!
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That's all for now!

Stay happy, stay healthy and stay YOU!

Stef Wood

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