An open letter to those who are seeking to fill the spaces in between.

Katie Bushie

Open letter to those who are seeking to fill the spaces in between.


Dear Seeker:

Funny how life catches you at a moment, the moment, when you come to see that you have spaces in between.

In a life that is feeling so full, work, school, family, dating, movement, by whens and to do lists, how in these days, can the above sentence be so true- that you have spaces in between.

Author confession, I hate(d) the spaces of in between. These spaces meant one thing to me.

Failure AND I needed to fill these spaces with:





Fill it up.

You know how Dr Suess would proclaim from the top of his best selling book “Ohh the places you will go”

I was living into the moment of that moment with “ohh the spaces I will fill”

End of author confession.

Again, funny how life catches you in the moment of moments sitting in the truth that you have spaces in between.




Next bests.


Space is a unique experience. Space offers much and offers much little. It can be both the heads or tails to any coin tossed into your day or ponder.

Space is both a teacher as it is the student, message to the messenger and sacred ground to those who seek.

AND in the space of this letter dear reader, you have all that you are needing to move forward in the spaces in between.

Closing summary:

Spaces exist to guide, demonstrate and challenge you. As this author learned, buffet feeding the spaces in between is heavy lifting that still leaves spaces in between the excess.

Can space be space? Can the between be the between that this moment needs?

Leaving thought/invite:

May we lean into these spaces in between as much with curiosity and respect as we do for the spaces that currently hold capacity and are filled.

Can we let the space in between off the hook? Can we meet space where it wants to meet us?

Yours Truly;

An author with spaces in between.


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