About Us

Health is a state of body. Wellness is a state of being.

At Vagabond Wellness we truly honour the mind-body experience. We understand that the mind and body work as one functioning unit and the health of one affects the other.

The part can never be well unless the whole is well.  
- Plato

Stef Wood yoga instructor in action

Stef Wood B.A. RYT (200) M.A. (Candidate) R.P. (Qualifying).

Stef Wood is an experienced certified yoga teacher and wellness counsellor. Having graduated from the University of Toronto, her passion for health and wellness stems from her studies in Health Studies and Psychology. It is due to this, that she understands the importance of the mind/body connection, mental health and stress management.

Stef is known for teaching a variety of classes and workshops in the Toronto and Durham areas and has trained in yoga, mindfulness and meditation under Buddhist monks and Himalayan yoga masters in India.

She specializes in the fundamentals of yoga (beginners yoga) as well as creative intermediate flow classes. She makes it her ultimate intention to provide her students with a comfortable and safe environment in a judgement free zone.

Stef obtained her certificate in wellness counselling and is finishing her Masters in Counselling Arts Psychology. Through her training, she aspires to become a Registered Psychotherapist and is interning at Calming Minds Psychotherapy and Wellness. She offers affordable rates and convenient scheduling. To book a free 20 minute consultation please visit HERE!

Stef Wood yoga instructor